MobileCorp delivers Cradlepoint enterprise class Work-From-Home kit

Posted by Michelle Lewis on March 23, 2020

Cradlepoint routers are being used in the United States to connect mobile COVID-19 testing clinics, and to provide enterprise-grade remote working stations. MobileCorp is your Australian-based Cradlepoint partner and can assist with router configuration and solution deployment. 

Cradlepoint Work at Home Kit

Enterprise-grade IBR600C Working from Home Kit

MobileCorp, Cradlepoint and Telstra are the three providers that make up this enterprise-grade Working From Home solution.

A leading 4G LTE router from Cradlepoint, combined with connectivity from Australia's leading high performance network in Telstra, and router supply, configuration, deployment and management by MobileCorp taking the pressure off over-worked IT teams.

This solution provides superior Internet and VPN connectivity to at home workers and students. It 

  • uses LTE as a connection so employees and students don’t have to depend on their home network which may be stretched due to local congestion
  • has failover to a secondary mobile network with dual SIM technology
  • can be installed and connected without IT involvement
  • maintains security by centrally setting up VPN from router to data centre
  • includes Wi-Fi to easily connect multiple devices, while allowing limitations on what can connect
  • is cloud-managed for ease of troubleshooting and monitoring


AER2200 Temporary Network Kit

MobileCorp also offers the Cradlepoint Temporary Network Kit which is already being utilised overseas to establish a network in minutes at temporary or popup locations, including drive-by COVID-19 testing stations. This setup 

  • delivers Internet access anywhere by using 4G LTE as the network
  • can be installed quickly in the field without IT involvement
  • maintains security through VPN connectivity and edge threat detection and content filtering
  • includes Wi-Fi to easily connect multiple devices, while allowing limitations on what can connect
  • is cloud-managed for ease of troubleshooting and application visibility

Cradlepoint Temporary Network Kit

Cradlepoint NetCloud remote management

All Cradlepoint solutions include NetCloud Manager which allows MobileCorp to quickly deploy, manage, and monitor your router connectivity and network performance. Whether there is 25 or 25,000 devices in the network, NetCloud Manager makes it possible to configure and manage remotely across geographically distributed locations.

MobileCorp's managed service includes licensing, set up of the NetCloud portal, 24/7 monitoring, helpdesk support and monthly reporting.  


cradlepoint router with netcloud management Cradlepoint netcloud

Proven enterprise connectivity solutions

These solutions have a proven track record both internationally, and in Australia. Known as NextDay Connect, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this solution was used for interim or permanent business connectivity in cases of compromised or unavailable fixed line infrastructure. These included use cases like NBN or ISDN complications, as well as remote and regional locations, pop-up sites, construction sites and events. 

Recently MobileCorp delivered the NextDay Connect solution at Kemps Creek NSW, for a medical research enterprise customer undergoing an expansion of its site. Although 4G is a contended service, our tests on the day revealed a download speed averaging 50Mbps and upload speed averaging 15Mbps. We actually recorded speeds as high as 65Mbps download. The use of external antennas helped improve signal strength when connecting to Telstra's base station and the modems were pre-configured by MobileCorp and deployed to work on connection.

MobileCorp managed service inclusions

This managed service may be eligible for payment on your monthly Telstra bill, utilising Telstra-allocated funds. The service has the following inclusions and will continue to be delivered under COVID-19 pandemic lock-down conditions, should they be enacted by the Australian Government. 

  • site audit if required
  • router configuration
  • router deployment and installation
  • Netcloud portal setup 
  • Telstra connection with option of dual SIM failover to another carrier network
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and link
  • level 2 Support Desk Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm (AEST)
  • remote equipment diagnostic and reprogramming, fault diagnosis and resolution

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